Fostering musical children: Creative musical play (almost) anytime, anywhere

Musical play and enrichment can happen anytime anywhere! Whether singing from The Book of Lullabies to soothe a newborn or holding your own Carnival of the Animals.

Why not go for a musical “swim” with your child in in your very own home Aquarium?

Raising Creative Children begins with a simple premise: all children can be (and often are) creative, artistic, musical, and imaginative anytime anywhere and all adults have the potential to support and foster children’s creative growth.


To help in this process, we will share information, resources, perspectives, and research focused on providing a rich environment for children to have fulfilling, artistic, creative, and imaginative lives. Whether you are interested in ways to engage your own child/children in creative activities or looking for activities to include in homeschooling, we hope this site serves as a helpful resource and springboard for your own ideas.

Your local music educator is probably happy to point you toward enrichment opportunities. For those who have the resources and access, it is wonderful to participate in programs for young children such as Kindermusik or Music Together. Creative musical play and engagement can also take place in countless other contexts with little to no cost! So, find the nearest rattle or instrument of choice (including voice) and make some music with the little one(s) in your life. If you need some inspiration or starting points, we’ll be here to lend a hand.

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