Give the gift of music apps!

Don’t miss out on these fabulous deals on music apps for mobile devices. iPads and iPhones have great potential to be used as instruments for creative music engagement when you have the right apps. The following apps are on sale and would make for a fantastic gift (to yourself or kids wanting to be musically creative). At a later date, we will add apps that aren’t on sale but are excellent for music making.

*Note while most of these apps can be played directly on a mobile device itself, having a MIDI controller really opens up some creative and performance possibilities. We’ll provide additional info below (affiliate links included).

Apps on Sale

At the time of this post three apps by the company Arturia were on sale. Each app functions as a synth to create some great sounding music:

Korg apps are 50% off through Dec. 28th. These are a little bit more expensive than your average music app, but they provide very rich and professional sounding synths and pianos that will have people amazed that it’s coming from a mobile device!

MIDI Controllers

A MIDI controller is a device that looks like an instrument but sends digital information to a computer or mobile device rather than sound itself, which means it can play essentially any sound available in an app. We are focusing on MIDI keyboard controllers, which look like small plastic music keyboards, are very portable, and allow you to perform from a mobile device with the real tactile feel of a keyboard.

To connect a MIDI controller to your mobile device you will need the apple camera connection kit. Get this camera connection kit for a mobile device with a lightning input and get this camera connection kit for a mobile device with an older input.  You’ll plug the MIDI keyboard controller into the connection kit with the USB cable that comes with the controller.

Here are a couple of small portable MIDI keyboard controllers that are great for kids (or adults) who want to get creative with music making. You could go for a larger 49 key controller if you wish, but we think for most people, the 25 key controllers are a great start (and we love the portability)!

Headphones or Speakers

Sure you can use the ipad or iphone’s internal speaker but if you are going to bother getting some nice apps and possibly a MIDI keyboard, it makes sense to have it sound as good as possible. You can either use headphones/ear buds or an external speaker. Bluetooth speakers such as the UE Mini Boom work wireless bluetooth speakers are nicely and are highly portable.