Playing and learning with interactive art: Meet Kandinsky!

For those who allow young ones to use technology, an entire world of options is available in terms of interactive art and music. Take the recently created Animated Kandinsky by Nivetha Kannan and Sarah Kwan. As they explain, Animated Kandinsky is:

A project exploring the relationship between traditional abstract art and current animation, Animated Kandinsky uses interactivity and gamification to introduce viewers to Wassily Kandinsky’s famous 1932 piece titled “Decisive Pink” in an entirely new and immersive way.

Photo by Toca Boca

The fun animations and sound provide a creative and interactive way to explore the art of Kandinsky. Exploring Animated Kandinsky together could lead to conversations about how the shapes morph and imaginative ways of viewing art. Playing with Animated Kandinsky might even lead to young children imagining new possibilities of static paintings.

Photo by Peter van Teeseling

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